Consequence of Sound Review:  

Brian Wilson, Jeff Beck, David Marks, and Al Jardine debut tour at South Florida’s Hard Rock Live (9/27)

The burden of brilliance has broken many a genius. Of the troubled and exalted individuals to impact the music world, Brian Wilson’s career has provided what is without question one of the most captivating, and ultimately sad stories, to grace the annals of music history. The Beach Boys’ luminary oracle of composition has weathered the abuses of the recording industry, the nefarious intentions of what had been a trusted inner circle, and his own mental instability over the course of a career that has yielded inarguably some of the most important music ever created.


Wilson, now 71, spent 2012 taking part in what was the most authentic reunion of the original Beach Boys since his initial departure from the group and it appeared the chasmic rift that had been caused by Mike Love’s well documented transgressions against human decency had been forgiven by cousin Brian. The reunion saw the release of a new record — a great record, at that — but ended with Love unceremoniously firing Wilson, Al Jardine, and David Marks with a press release and going on to take his own version of “The Beach Boys” on tour, instead. Wilson’s statements at the time indicated that he was blindsided by Love’s decision, and for an erratic individual with a history such as Wilson’s, the situation held the potential to be catastrophic beyond the untimely sacking of the proper Beach Boys.

Fortunately, Wilson, with Jardine and Marks in tow, has returned to the spotlight with the help of an unexpected champion in British guitar legend, Jeff Beck. It was announcedthat Beck would be collaborating with Wilson on an album of new material, and that the two would do a tour together.

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