Over the past few years, Paul Dano has established himself as one of the best actors of his generation and someone that can morph into any role. In the latest issue of Collider, Paul talks about his role as playing a young Brian Wilson in "Love & Mercy." Following are excerpts regarding the 2014 biopic."

Paul Dano Brian Wilson

DANO: We did Love & Mercy this summer, and it’s some of the most fun I’ve ever had. He’s a really special man, Brian Wilson, and, not just the ‘60s and the music, but his spirit is really special and strong. And, I just fell in love with him and what he did. If you listen to Pet Sounds, there’s really nothing like it before or since, and it was just a joy filling up on that, and learning to play the piano. I got to work with these amazing musicians and, it was just a joy. I don’t know if I should say that since it’s a ways off but, I think he’s got a really great story. He’s a special guy. I hope that we do him justice. 

One of the reasons I’m so excited about the project, besides your involvement in it, is the screenplay by Oren [Moverman]. I loved Rampart and The Messenger He’s just a great screenwriter, and I’m curious what he brought to the table in terms of this script.

DANO: Well Oren is my friend now, and he’s a great guy. He’s a wonderful writer like you said.  I don’t wanna give away what he wrote, but I will say that, I think that he tried to capture Brian’s spirit as well as tell a story. I don’t think it’s a totally traditional biopic.  I think it’s gonna be a fun and accessible film, and I think it’s hopefully going to be interesting, like the man that it’s depicting. I think he did an amazing job cracking this story, and I can’t imagine anyone else having done it, aside from him. I know they tried to make movies about Brian for a long time, and I think music stories are tough to tell in an interesting way. The fact that Bill [Polad] got Oren to write it is really also a smart choice on his behalf.  

I know you don’t wanna talk more about it, but I have one more question on this particular film. I’m curious if you’ve heard that Atticus Ross was designing the film’s soundscape. I’m curious to know if you’ve heard any of the score of what he’s done?

DANO: I haven’t yet. I got to hang out with Atticus a little bit. He seemed super excited, and I think they’re approaching that stuff in a really cool way. I’m hoping to hear some of it soon actually, but we just finished at the end of August and I’m still detoxing, and trying to steer clear for a little bit. Then, I’ll be excited to see what they’re cooking up.

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